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Rebel Heart [entries|friends|calendar]
The Talented Sharon Corr!

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Picspam [27 Jun 2009|03:23pm]

actresses: chyler leigh, natalie dormer (UHQ), nicole kidman
tv show: lost
music: tarja turunen (large),
the corrs (large)

More HERE @ my journal
Erin Shore

[17 Jun 2009|08:37pm]

Wow, this community hasn't been updated in forever!

I'm sure most people in this comm already know, but I thought I'd post it anyway - Sharon is starting out on her own solo journey!
We've got a few videos of her new songs and the album should be released fairly soon, though there's no official date yet.

I've posted a whole heap of stuff over at thecorrsonline - so if this is the first you've heard of Sharon's upcoming solo album, there's a heap of stuff there to get started on.

Yay Sharon! :)

Erin Shore

the obvious [22 Jan 2005|09:43pm]

Sharon is such a great violinist. And she's so skinny and pretty.

Okay, listen to my theory. I think that she practices so much she doesn't have time to eat.

Hehe. It answers both questions of why she's so good and why she's so skinny.

9 violins| Erin Shore

[04 Nov 2004|12:05pm]
Saturday I've been to the concert of The Corrs in Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL. I've made some pictures... You can find them at my website; www.charna.nl.
2 violins| Erin Shore

Since I'm mod here, I thought I'd give you guys a little treat [23 Aug 2004|03:47pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Since I was sitting right in front of Sharon, and this other girl with a digital was pretty close to me, I thought I'd post the pictures for everyone here!  :)

Pictures from the Portland concertCollapse )

Oh, and if you ever go to a concert, Sharon does wave back!  :P

2 violins| Erin Shore

violin [20 Aug 2004|08:38pm]

[ mood | okay ]

who here plays the violin? how long have you been playing and what pieces can you play (esp. sharon's solos)?

2 violins| Erin Shore

I'm new too! [20 Aug 2004|06:49pm]

I found this place through greenviolin so does she get any referral points?

Anyway, I'm a teensy bit more of an Andy fan, but I love Sharon all the same, and I am an aspiring violinist too! It must be so amazing for Sharon to think that she's inspiring hundreds of people all over the world to learn the violin. But that's not how I started wanted to learn it. That's how I got really enthusiastic though. Hee hee.

Okay ahem... Add me if you want. Just tell me if you do.

Violinists rock!
11 violins| Erin Shore

hey! [19 Aug 2004|06:38pm]

[ mood | happy ]

hi! i'm new to this thing, so forgive me. so i searched the whole web and found the shaz forum. so just saying hi and hope that i'm allowed in here. :) btw, whats everyone's fav. instrumental?

7 violins| Erin Shore

[18 Aug 2004|06:13pm]

i propose a twining with my comm violinists
3 violins| Erin Shore

[18 Aug 2004|02:07pm]

[excuse me for a not corr post]

i'm italian and i need to learn a bit of spoken english, is there anyone who wants to become my unaware english teacher?

thank you
2 violins| Erin Shore

hello! [20 Jul 2004|09:56pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

hello guys, newbie here!
what can I say about me?obviously, you've noticed I'm a sharon!fan and she's one of my favourite subjects for my LJ icons and I've been a Corrs (I became fan because of the violon music, thanks Sharon;)) fan for quite a time now...I have a website too featuring the corrs in my layout!
anyway, nice to be here !

8 violins| Erin Shore

New Look [08 May 2004|05:14pm]

[ mood | busy ]

So the community has a new look, and I've updated the user info.

emilycorr, I was wondering if the community could link to your website, since I remember you have one.

And if anyone has a memorable quote or memory or picture of/from Sharon, it would be a nice time to share it.


"We have to keep a leash on Andrea, label all her things. If she doesn't lose something on tour, she'll get lost herself."

Erin Shore

Instrumental pieces [20 Mar 2004|11:08pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Since Sharon is usually the focus of the instrumental pieces (especially if you watch the live performance DVDs like Live in London), I thought it would be relevant to ask everyone what they thought was Sharon's best work in an instrumental song.

Me, personally, I like Paddy McCarthy. It is so fast and upbeat, and the violin playing Sharon does in the song is awesome. My personal little violin goal is to get somewhere close to being able to play that fast.

And for a second question, which song do you think the instrumental(s) on the new cd will sound most like?

I'd guess something more like Lough Erin Shore, since Rebel Heart was on In Blue, and I don't think they'll go with something as traditional sounding as Toss the Feathers or Haste to the Wedding.

1 violin| Erin Shore

hehe! [07 Jan 2004|07:25pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey everyone. Just joined this community. FINALLY...one for Sharon. I was going to start one myself since I've got a site for her and everything but I just couldn't be arsed. Too much college work. :P

Haha and LOL @ the "Sharon's having twins" rumor. That was a classic.

1 violin| Erin Shore

[29 Dec 2003|01:25am]

i start to wonder..

why is it that when they get corrs news they're not mentioning Sharon much these days?
what could she be up to? hehe maybe she's hiding in malibu writing more songs like 'rebel heart'

and remember the rumour that she was having twins? where do you think they start from??
3 violins| Erin Shore

Welcome!!! [28 Dec 2003|10:54am]

We all love Sharon Corr for her awesome violin music and her other musical talents. Welcome to the Sharon Corr Community!
Erin Shore

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